Freeze Sleeve

The Freeze Sleeve™ Makes Ice/Heat Packs a Thing of the Past.

This revolutionary sleeve provides pain relief and speeds recovery for aching muscles and joints, while allowing for comfort and mobility. Our sleeve offers 360° of even coverage and a targeted 20-minute duration to treat pain and inflammation, reducing recovery time.

Help speed relief and recovery with this innovative, therapeutic cold/heat sleeve. Sleeves can be used interchangeably between arms and legs.

  1. FULL COVERAGE – Provides 360° of compression coverage, while allowing full range of motion.
  2. HYDRA-GEL TECHNOLOGY – Specially formulated antimicrobial & non-toxic gel stay flexible when frozen.
  3. ICE THERAPY – Targeted cryotherapy reduces swelling and lasts for up to 20 minutes.
  4. HEAT THERAPY – Microwave safe for targeted heat therapy therapy without the risk of burns or damage to the skin.
  5. COMFORTABLE & VERSATILE – Super soft and flexible materials allow the Freeze Sleeve to be worn on multiple body parts while providing full mobility.
  6. SAFE & EASY – Simply slide on and off and designed to eliminate the risk of frost burn.

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