Nancy Morgan Wound Care

How Can Nancy Morgan Help You?

NMWoundcare is an educational consulting company that develops professional solutions through several avenues such as webinars, seminars, accredited courses, conferences, and consulting.

The company recently released its comprehensive Skin and Wound Care Guidelines Manual, designed to support physicians who want to incorporate a wound care program into their practice. The Skin and Wound Care Guidelines Manual is the result of thousands of hours of research compiled together into one, three-section manual. It includes an educational guide, policies and procedures, and clinical forms.

In addition, each edition includes the 10-hour, on-demand Clinical Essentials Course covering the basics of skin and wound care for you and your staff.

The manual uses current standards of care, vetted by experienced wound care professionals sourced with references of less than five years. The Skin and Wound Care Manual is also endorsed by the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing, the leading worldwide professional association dedicated to improving the lives of patients with complex chronic wounds.

Nancy Morgan is the principal of Nancy Morgan Wound Care and former owner and CEO of Wound Care Education Institute and Wild on Wounds national wound conference.

If you would like to learn more about adding Wound Care to your practice, or acquiring Nancy’s book, please fill out this form and we’ll speak with you soon.