Red Canyon Allergy Program

Red Canyon has created an allergy solution that allows primary care and pediatric clinics the ability to diagnose and treat airborne allergies in the same setting without the need to refer most patients to an allergist.

Below is an overview of our service.

Program Goals:
  • Offer the best-in-class tools and guidelines for prescribers to properly diagnose and treat allergy patients with immunotherapy.
  • Provide complete allergy services for diagnosis and treatment of allergic patients.
  • Expand services for your practice.
  • Offer services that are clinically valid and scientifically advanced Current Standard of Care
  • Same products and methods used in a specialist office
  • Complete patient assessment includes an allergy questionnaire, physical examination and skin testing. • In-office mixing and titration of Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) – Shots
  • In-office administration or at-home administration options for patients
Expanded program to offer food allergy sensitivity testing for non-anaphylaxis risk patients Scientifically Advanced and Safety:
  • Carefully calibrated immunotherapy formulations
  • Entire product line based on cutting edge science
  • Cross-Reactivity – excludes unnecessary allergens
  • Extract Compatibility – maximizes potency retention
Efficacious Dosing – based on current clinical data Profitable for Your Practice:
  • Allergy work-up qualifies for visit reimbursement
  • Skin testing is covered by most payers and CMS
  • Subcutaneous (SCIT) treatment is covered by most payers and CMS
  • Low cost of entry (you provide an exam room)
  • All supplies provided • Allergy training and management is provided

We handle billing support or billing training and claim denial support Red Canyon Medical Allergy Program Proposal Documentation and Process: The relationship you have with your patient and their insurance company is vital to your business. The program was designed in a way that keeps your office engaged and informed by integrating in the process. All charts are reviewed from the time skin testing is performed through the administration of immunotherapy. Test results, immunotherapy orders, and shot administration are charted and reviewed, your EMR system will be updated, and all records managed.

Reimbursement and Profit: We believe that it is important that practices understand our approach and our relationship as a partnership. There are many moving parts and careful coordination and execution is vital for success. While the practice accommodates the time and slight disruption for implementing new workflow. Once the program is running, success will be based on integrated participation and reimbursement. All amounts reimbursed by the payers go directly to the practice and Red Canyon Medical will invoice the practice for services based on our contracted fair market value rate.

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