True DNA Story

True DNA Story

As a dedicated healthcare provider, you are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve patient care and outcomes. Today, we present to you a groundbreaking opportunity that will revolutionize your practice – True DNA Story. The difference between the old and the new in genetic testing is like comparing “War and Peace” with “Green Eggs and Ham.” Let’s explore how integrating Genetic Insights into your practice can transform the way you care for your patients.

Unparalleled Data Analysis

Traditional genetic testing methods offered limited insights, like reading a children’s book with a narrow story line. However, with True DNA Story, you gain access to a vast library of genetic knowledge. We analyze nearly 50,000,000 potential genetic variants, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your patients’ unique genetic makeup.

A Lifetime Health Guide with Actionable Reports

Imagine having access to over 130,000 genetic variants, on average per patient, proven to be linked to various diseases or conditions in our reports. This detailed information allows you to make well-informed decisions, tailor treatments, and design preventive strategies personalized for each patient. No more guesswork – our reports equip you with the tools to optimize patient care. All are updated free, for life as science improves.

Empowerment in Major Health Conditions

Never before has a single platform offered DNA reports for over 90% of all major cancers and over 80% of all major medical conditions. With True DNA Story, you have a powerful ally in detecting and managing critical health risks. Early detection is the key to successful interventions, and our reports give you a head start in the fight against major diseases. They also help you advise patients on lifestyle and environmental changes.

Affordability – For All Your Patients

We believe that every patient should have access to life-changing genetic information. Our reports are designed to be affordable, ensuring that cost never becomes a barrier to better health. By integrating genetic testing into your practice, you can offer your patients an exceptional level of care without stretching their budgets. We even offer payment plans for those who need it.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Genetic testing opens a world of possibilities for patient engagement. By involving your patients in understanding their DNA reports, you foster a sense of empowerment and responsibility for their health. Encourage them to be active participants in making informed decisions, and you’ll witness improved patient compliance and overall satisfaction.

Integrating True DNA Story into Your Practice

Easy Integration: Incorporating Genetic Insights into your practice is seamless. We provide all the necessary resources and support to streamline the process, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

Educational Support: Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational resources, training materials, and ongoing support. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring your success in harnessing genetic insights.

Holistic Approach: True DNA Story complements your existing medical knowledge, offering a more comprehensive approach to patient care. With our test results, you can create personalized treatment plans that address genetic predispositions and individual health needs.

Start Your Genetic Journey Today

Join the growing community of healthcare professionals who are embracing the future of patient care with True DNA Story. Elevate your practice and empower your patients to take charge of their health like never before.

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