Vibrant Wellness

Why is Vibrant the choice of serious Functional Clinics?

We’re the leading provider of specialty wellness lab testing because we develop our testing with rigorous, ongoing research by top clinical experts, doctors, and scientist, the gold standard of accuracy in the lab industry.

Results trusted by over 18,000 functional professionals

Our tests run on a proprietary Dense microchip technology platform that boasts unrivaled specificity and sensitivity. Additionally, our lab tests measure more markers than competing tests, making them a better value.

Key benefits of advanced functional lab tests include:
  • Save valuable time by identifying the cause of your health concerns quicker
  • Reduced risk of misdiagnosis and multiple unnecessary treatments
  • Spot potential diseases and health issues before severe symptoms emerge
  • Gain a fuller picture of your overall health to determine the root cause of symptoms and chronic conditions compared to standard diagnostic lab tests
  • Receive personalized treatment plans based on precision analysis rather than broad symptoms

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