Wellness Pro Plus

What is so special about Wellness Pro Plus?

Electromedical’s commitment to create long-lasting drug-free solutions to pain management is honored by the development of The WellnessPro Plus®, a technologically advanced TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy device focusing on pain relief.

With over a million frequencies to choose from, WellnessPro Plus® offers the widest frequency range on the market allowing it to have numerous applications. FDA CLEARED, it features a “future-ready” modular design, making it widely adaptable to new accessories and therapies.

The WellnessPro Plus® triggers our body’s natural processes. Electrical impulses travel from nerves around the injured area to our brain, delivering the unpleasant sensation of pain. WellnessPro Plus® operates by disrupting these pain signals received by our synapses, mimicking our natural electric signals to relieve patients from pain.

Electromedical Technologies brought together some of the leading biomedical researchers from around the world to develop next generation TENS machines. Through product innovation and a forward-thinking approach, we succeeded in developing specific algorithms in electrotherapy that work to alleviate pain.

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